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This experience defies the common narratives of the last two centuries spoken about the failings of the human spirit. Why are we held to standards of perfection in an imperfect world? Stories such as the call to "be all we can be," are in direct conflict to the stories of how we are preached at as sinners. What if the narrative is different? What if we CHOOSE our own narrative of sovereignty? Or that we are actually the original blessing? We could let go of the story of being bad or good and just be genuine. And embody what it means to be human.

This experience offers the inquiry, “what else is possible?” And further more, what was never true about the constructed stories of human nature? What stories have we culturally agreed to that has elevated or denigrated us and our potential as humans? 

This experience does not attempt to make sense of a world that's lost itself. This journey is an invitation to create something new for yourself individually, and then us globally. It is not a self-help program. This is a program of revolution and realignment. Re-minding. Re-membering... that we may choose to re-create a sovereign story of who we are as humans. Claiming personal agency through self-awareness.

The fallacy of our collective story is the idea that we are here to "achieve something” instead of "experience ourselves through this engaging in life.” The invitation is to discover the unencumbered self, and to learn/know/understand that our experiences are the ways in which we access that which is already inside of us. 

It’s not a "filling us up with more," it’s an opening within us that which we have yet to access as a culture of people. And how could we have accessed inner sovereignty? We have not been taught the language. 

The invitation of this experience is to truth. Your truth. Not mine. I continue to discover my own truth in the midst of my own self-awareness. I invite you to come discover AND create a new narrative of what it means to human well.


It means that life is messy, AND so are we. We are also glorious, golden, and noble. We are face down in the mud, shredded to the core, heart shattered open... and it’s all ok. This IS who we are. It means that we engage in ALL OF IT... in the best way we know how, at every given moment and every given day.

This journey is about progress, not perfection. It’s about knowing oneself ~ out loud. Defiantly. Rising into all of our brilliance, and through all of our struggle. It’s about doing the best we can, and knowing that “our best” lives on a spectrum between a grand slam, and complete and utter face planting.

To “human well” means to show up. To show up for ourselves and others, in a kind and receptive place. In understanding and generosity. In grace. And always in strong, consistent love. With gentleness, and a deep desire to care; to connect. To synchronize our collective well being. To remember who we are... as sacred.

Now is the time to pull away from narratives of trauma, pain and wounds. To grieve. To acknowledge our collective experience and to begin to shift the narrative back to our inherent worth and dignity as humans. To heal.

This workshop is a required foundation for all other session work I offer. You will learn to how to reset your central nervous system through intentional breathing and cellular awareness and activation. This is a simple but profound experience that you will be able to access at anytime should you discover yourself caught in any level of chaos or stress.

You will learn:

  New narratives in relationship to your body

  To breath through your entire cellular nature

  To access and effect your central nervous system and your vagus nerve

  Details and Investment   

90 minute class every 2nd and 4th Sunday morning at 10am Pacific time- online and in person for local events

Investment $90 USD

Seven days to a full body realignment. This is recommended once or twice per year as a full reset of your psyche, spirit, and body.

   Day 1: 2.5 hour lower body myofascial and energetic release from the navel to the toes. Face up.

   Day 2: Rest and integration day with home instructions

   Day 3: 2.5 hour upper body myofascial and energetic release pelvic bowl to crown. Face up.

   Day 4: Rest and integration day with home instructions

   Day 5: 2 hour full body integrative massage

  Day 6: Rest and integration day with home instructions

  Day 7: 90 minute + energetic clearing and wrap up

  Details and Investment  


-- 30 minute consultation and interview

-- Completion of "Central Nervous System Recalibration and Self Regulation Workshop"

Investment $1000 USD

-- Optional add-on: Astrological natal chart and pre and post session tarot/oracle reading

Investment $300 USD

  Weekly Zoom or 2-hour private guided explorations of self

  Deep dives into intimate conversations through immersive methods

  Four group gatherings (new and full moon dates)

  Personal and private outdoor guided experiences

  Weekly at-home experiences and endeavors to practice

  Recorded video and audio content and mini drop-in’s each week

  Private online communication forum to connect your experiences with others

  Invitations to create new narratives and tangible methods to apply in your daily life. We will look at the ways we use language and narratives with or without intent and understanding, in an effort to support our journey into meaningful applications of growth and healing.

  Details and Investment   

Each 9-week seasonal course is self-contained; you may take just one or plan for the entire four-season, full year series. Also available for private, individual healing journeys.

  Spring Session begins March 21, 2021

  Summer Session begins June 21, 2021

  Autumn Session begins September 21, 2021

  Winter Session begins December 21, 2021

A list of topics we will explore and discover during the 2021 Summer Cohort:

  Explorations of the element Summer and how to apply them to individual wellness

 Creating Sacredness in every Step

  Reimagining Language and what we speak into the world

 Movement for releasing emotions

  Purposeful Presencing

 Methods that focus on psycho-spiritual-somatic elemental medicine

  Felt-sensing experiences

  Embodying your Intuition

  and much more...


Quarterly 9-week Seasonal program $888 USD ~ This course is also available as a private coaching/journey. Please ask about private investments costs.

Annual 12-month program is $3,000 USD

Payment arrangements are available in many forms. Please contact me for details via email at Please contact me if this investment is a hardship for you and we will make an arrangement for you to participate.


   Personally designed program based on a co-created vision between practitioner and healer (you).

  Details and Investment   

To be determined based on what we've designed

This is a stand alone option or can be added to any of the above offerings

   These sessions are meant to assist you in your understanding of life in a very archetypal narrative. They are not meant to be a prediction of your experiences, but a witness to what you might already know, but lack understanding.

   Natal Birth Chart and guidance in understanding how this may help you know you deeper.

   Tarot and/or oracle reading both before and after any session.

   Details and Investment   

This is an all inclusive offering. The natal chart and tarot/oracle are provided together at separate times.

Investment: $300 USD 

   Details and Investment  

This bodywork is typically 2.5 hours of myofascial release, structural integration, joint mobilization, and energetic clearing. This is coupled with a spirit-led connection between you, and I, and Source. A holy trinity of healing. 

Investment: $100/hour USD


  Seasonally Focused

Each experience is oriented to the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. We explore the invitation of the natural world, and receive the season's wisdom as we orient to our own inner and outer experiences on this journey. To know ourselves better, we look to our natural world and it's annual cycles, and our aligned presence and connection to and with it. We explore ways in which we embody and partner with nature.

  Somatic Centric

What have our cells been holding that might be ready to be known? This course will include a strong focus on embodiment of the soma, the body. What is true of us lives in our cellular nature. This intelligence is accessible through purposeful exploration. This may look like embodied movement, quiet meditation, physical expressions of inner emotions, etc. This course will orient to the inner landscape of the self, and the cosmic landscape of the us.

  Cosmology Based

We are whole beings and holy beings. This experience will explore the deep rooted gift of our holy and whole-y selves. A psycho-spiritual-somatic experience. We will dig into the stories of humanity as it pertains to our connection with Source and your personal connection to spirituality. This in not a religious or dogmatic discussion. It is an experience of ourselves as the spirit-ually holy beings we are. This course is about engaging the active form of mind-body-spirit. All three. Collectively.


Humans are blessed with multiple intelligences. In this co-creation we will explore the definition and understanding of each intelligence, and sink into where we might access a more balanced use of our whole selves/cellves.

   Somatic Intelligence ~ Felt Sense

   Intellectual Intelligence ~ Learned

   Emotional Intelligence ~ Interconnectedness

   Spiritual Intelligence ~ Knowing

   Cultural Intelligence ~ Collective agreements

   Systemic Intelligence ~ How We Human Well in systemic models


Throughout these experiences we will explore, discover and implement the ways in which Leonardo da Vinci experienced the world in the ways it helps us understand our own self exploration:

  Curiosità~ An insatiable curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.

  Dimostrazione~ A commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes.

  Sensazione~ The continual refinement of the senses, especially sight, as the means to enliven experience.

  Sfumato~ (literally "going up in smoke") A willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty.

  Arte/Scienza~ The development of the balance between science and art, logic and imagination. Whole-brain thinking.

  Corporalita~The cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, and poise.

  Connessione~ A recognition of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena. Systems thinking.

Donna Mills lives in the aesthetically stunning Pacific Northwest, specifically in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She is a woman committed to all things that elevate human consciousness. She is a practitioner of the healing arts, an advocate for civil conversations, and a community educator. 

Donna is the founder of HumanWell Integrative Healing where she sees private clients healing through trauma and grief. On the community consulting side of HumanWell, Donna designs integrative workplace wellness programs for large and small businesses. The name HumanWell was created out of her unwavering need to know “How do we human well? We can see where we are missing the mark in society, but where and how are we getting it right?”

Donna is a social healing practitioner, a narrative disruptor, and a cultural change agent. She is here to invite society into a deeper conversation about civility and connectivity. She believes that, “and justice for all” means just that. For all. She is a fierce advocate for a new narrative of economic justice that elevates our collective human wellness and ability to thrive. 

Donna is a Lay Pastoral Minister through the Unitarian Universalist Association and is ordained to perform many celebrations of life, from partner unions to end of life doula services. In this work she gently guides humans through the sacred journey of living and dying. She is often called upon to share her insightful wisdom on the divine, and serves this world with a deep commitment to humanity. Donna aligns and connects to Source Spirit as High Priestess in her Pagan faith.  

Donna is a mystic, a tarot reader, an intuitive healer, and a conscious thought leader for these changing times. She practices a very intentful and cyclical lifestyle that includes loads of joy, playful exploration, good food, and always, always, more beautiful humans. She excels at growing food and wild foraging, loves to be on the water, is a collector of smiles, and can be found spending teatime with her favorite feline, Professor Moosey Softpaws.